The Long Lunch takes place on the third weekend each month. 

Pilana is the side of Galle that is sometimes overlooked. The rural village is towards the South on Akuressa - Pilana Road; a single left turn across the rice paddies to 9Provinces Retreat. 

Today rice and tea plantations have given way to smaller local run farmlets. It's generally laid-back rather like Pilana was over a decade ago. Friday's is the village food market. Fresh seasonal produce is bought by small retail shopkeepers from Pilana and surrounding villages. A myriad of local stores sell eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, rice, spices and seasonal garden offerings from neighbours. 

We have local produce delivered to ensure its freshness for your long lunch. The focal point is the healthy food concept from garden to plate, sharing 7 sampler plates. 

Gin and Tonics are offered alongside a range of fresh fruit cocktails throughout the afternoon to enhance your poolside stay or relax after a massage in the quiet laughter of the 9Provinces atmosphere.