Dining at 9Provinces is designed as a culinary experience. Traditional Ayurvedic medical principles find treatments and relief for pain in the daily diet. Fresh seasonal food flows from our kitchen all day in a healthy fusion of local flavours. Freshness is guaranteed by a short distance between the paddock, garden, ocean (or jungle) and plate. Seasonal menu additions and variations are provided by our Chefs.

The foundation of menu offerings is the knowledge that the fastest way to change your mindset and physical being is through ensuring your internal optimal health. Great food results in better sleep, clarity of skin, eyes and optimal digestive health and energetic balance. 

Special herbal teas, super-food juices and acid balancing tonics ensure energy for daily physical, mental and spiritual activities during your stay with us. 

Our generous portions, daily balanced meal choices and readily available healthy snack, juices and coconut water keep you hydrated and your mind clear. Knowing you will not consume excessive calories makes meal time an important focus of each retreat.  

There’s no one-size-fits-all plan for an all-day dining concept. Each day variations and several unique offerings are available at your request. 

You choose your meals, you choose one of 5 key dining areas - indoor or outdoor, your room, or the special space you find within our gardens or terraces.