The Life Force Signature Spa uses the healing powers of plants and preserving village remedies. 
All natural and superfood ingredients are combined with a comprehensive range of authentic beauty rituals, fresh organic bathing and skin care. Enjoy the deeply relaxing touch of healing massages from dedicated therapists.

The formula for the pure, plant sourced products was inspired by traditional Sri Lankan recipes and perfected with innovative methods for deeply nourishing, long-lasting beauty through the skill of our partner, Moonshadow.

Our fresh ingredients capture the life force of petals, leaves, bark, roots, seeds, nuts and fruits of indigenous, naturally cultivated plants that are grown and gathered by hand from Sri Lankan gardens.
Most treatments are freshly prepared from raw ingredients to provide a nutrient-rich living food for your skin.

Cucumbers are sliced to create hydrating facial masks, salt crystals are blended with virgin coconut oil for body scrubs, aloe vera is squeezed and kaffir lime is pressed for revitalising bath rituals, whilst we reuse grounded coffee for a deeply nourishing body mask.

Our facial tonic is rested overnight to activate the potency of powerful local herbs (sacred spice, cinnamon-coffee) combined with powdered rice is then applied to free your skin from dead cells and promote circulation.

Our signature Life Force flower bath is infused lemongrass, Sri Lankan orange, lime, pandan leaves, ginger and our Sakti bath oil from the garden.

These treatments begin and close with a tea offering.