Life Force Super Food Facial

Duration:   60 minutes

Dedicated to supreme nourishment, this signature facial is the perfect solution to deeply cleanse and re-activate healthy, glowing skin. 

Experience the benefits of Sri Lanka grown neem, containing natural anti-oxidant properties, followed by an aromatic floral steam bath. 

A fresh pineapple serum rich in enzymes will then be applied to draw out oiliness and impurities. 

To further nourish your skin, you will receive a relaxing face-décolleté and neck massage followed by a cucumber,honey and lime face mask, to compliment this luxurious journey in revitalising your skin. 

Life Force Garden Facial

Duration:   60 minutes

Feel the benefits of powerful ingredients selected from local gardens and blended together to create this traditionally inspired beauty ritual. 

The facial begins with a moisturising coconut milk cleanse, followed by a fresh tumeric and banana scrub rich in vitamins and magnesium to free your skin from dead cells. 

A floral steam bath will then prepare you for a nourishing virgin coconut oil face-decollete and neck massage. 

A final honey, lime and cucumber mask will activate regeneration leaving your skin velvety smooth and silky. 

Life Force Matcha Green Tea Facial

Duration:   90 minutes

This high-powered Anti-Aging Facial recharges and restores the balance of the skin. Matcha green tea powder is renowned for its powerful health benefits. 

One of the riches sources of anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals, this macha green tea facial aims to feed the skin while protecting it and activating healthy skin cell growth. 

Let your thoughts drift away as you begin this treatment with a relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage. 

Your face will then be gently cleansed and exfoliated with a coconut, aguressa berry and neem leaf sugar scrub high in silica and amino acids, followed by a soothing face massage with deeply moisturising virgin coconut oil. 

A nourishing macha emerald-green tea mask will then be applied to the face and eyes. Enjoy this enlivening experience.

Life Force Purifying Turmeric Facial

Duration:   90 minutes

Experience the healing wonder of turmeric, an ancient healing herb well-known throughout Asia for its powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Ideal for acne-prone skin, this facial helps treat blackheads, pimples and other impurities while improving overall skin tone and texture. 

Following a gentle cleanse and stimulating face-decollete and neck massage for lymphatic drainage, a concentrated turmeric-soya mask is applied directly to the affected areas to heal, purify and brighten your skin’s complexion. 

Life Force Ultra Hydrating Facial

Duration:   60 minutes

Cultivated over thousands of years as a food abundant in nutrients and essential fatty acids, avocado has been used extensively for its ability to heal and soothe the skin. This deeply hydrating facial incorporates an avocado mask combined with the natural probiotic properties of buffalo curd to help repair sun damage and promote the growth of healthy skin cells. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin, this treatment helps balance your skin's natural pH level. 

Following the mask, a nourishing virgin coconut oil face-decollete and neck massage and peppermint temple massage ensure your skin is left smooth, vital and healthy looking. 

Life Force Face & Neck Massage

Duration:   45 minutes

This massage stimulates numerous nerve receptors, lymphatic drainage and toxin elimination. 

Other benefits include improved blood circulation and oxygen flow as well as increased collagen production. 

Acupressure techniques and gentle strokes help relieve stress, sinus congestion, migraines and headaches, bringing you increased calmness and clarity and overall wellbeing.

Face Refresher Add on *

Duration:   30 minutes

This is an ideal treatment to give your skin a quick refreshing kick. Select between a deeply hydrating mask, a cleansing facial exfoliation or relaxing face-décolleté and neck massage. 

* These additions are intended to compliment and enhance your wellness experience and are available for you in combination with one of our treatments of 60 min or above.