Life Force Signature Spa

Duration:   90 minutes

This is the ultimate 9Provinces experience, designed to activate long-lasting beauty. 

Your journey begins with a deep muscle relaxation coconut oil body massage, followed by a re-mineralising crystal sea salt exfoliation infused with holy basil (black tulsi) and lemongrass. 

Rich in minerals and healing properties, sea salt is nature’s source in aiding our skin’s ability to remain hydrated and promote cell renewal, in addition to improving various skin conditions. 

A revitalising bath ritual concludes your Signature Spa. Powerful healing ingredients will leave you feeling luxuriously radiant and full of regenerative Sakti energy.: The key ingredients in your bath are blended by the Life Force team, including

  • lemongrass to activate blood circulation,
  • orange and lime for essential vitamins,
  • pandan leaves and
  • ginger to awaken your senses and clear the head.

Life Force Boreh

Duration:   90 minutes

Immerse yourself in the ancient secret recipe of Sri Lankan herbal scrub, the Boreh. 

Your Boreh begins with a traditional Sri Lankan massage to deeply relax your whole body. 

The Life Force blend of powerful local herbs (sacred spice, cinnamon-coffee or authentic Sri Lanka), combined with powdered rice are applied to free you from dead cells and promote circulation. 

The sensation is of deep penetrating heat that melts away your tension. 

To complete this healing journey, indulge in an inspiring aromatic flower bath.

The Hibiscus Prema Couples Ritual 

Duration:   90 minutes

Indulge in a rendezvous with your loved one. Synchronise your pleasure, while nestled side by side in the comfort of our peaceful Day Spa or your own luxurious Suite listening to the sound of the surrounding village wildlife. 

Together you will be massaged from head to toe and surrounded by the love-enhancing and harmonising aroma of our signature Sakti essence, Prema. 

Complete your romantic journey floating in a red hibiscus flower bath.

Life Force Coconut Harmony

Duration:   90 minutes

Known as the “tree of life” in Sri Lankan culture, the coconut has been used for centuries as a vital source of nourishment, natural healing and harmonising the body, mind and soul. 

Surrender your thoughts as your body is massaged with pure virgin coconut oil, one of nature’s healing miracles. 

Indulge in a hydrating coconut milk bath with our signature Shanti essence and heavenly frangipani flowers.

Life Force Matcha Tea & Clay Detox Cocoon

Duration:   90 minutes

Experience a gentle way of detoxifying the largest organ of our body - the skin.

In this purifying ritual, a warm mask of white kaolin clay and emerald green matcha tea powder will be layered over your body. The mineral-rich white clay is highly effective in drawing out impurities from the pores. Matcha tea, renowned for its anti-aging properties, provides an excellent source of vitamins and anti oxidants to the skin, helping to tone and protect while improving blood flow and oxygen delivery to the skin. 

Let yourself travel into a deeply relaxed state while wrapped in a warm detoxifying cocoon followed by a neck and back massage.

Life Force Coffee Love 

Duration:   90 Minutes

This mood-lifting experience begins with a Sri Lanka Cinnamon and Soul Coffee scrub, followed by a decadent body mask of warm, Avocado Mousse combined with golden raw honey a touch of lime and Sri Lankan orange rind

The antioxidant and soothing properties of cinnamon and coffee will leave your skin feeling velvety smooth and deeply nourished. For the final touch, revel in an invigorating clove oil body massage - pure sensual delight.